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Selling a boat can be a frustrating and tiresome hassle.  Affordable Marine Care offers an aggressive consignment and marketing program that turns the time consuming and emotional procedure into a quick and easy experience.  We understand both the sellers and the buyers’ perspectives and are able to effectively turn opposition and hesitation into a sale.  AMC recognizes that your investment in your boat is valuable and will guide you in whatever direction you need.
 Manage all phone calls 
 Contact you with all offers that come in 
 Marketing and advertising 
 Online ads 
 Road front advertising 
 Lake demo’s 
 Wash and maintain appearance of boat 
 Experienced staff 
 Research NADA, Kelley Blue Book, ABOS, etc for pricing 
 Special pricing on detail packages 
 Inspection report
 $180 for initial consignment inspection   
 Extended contract terms available
 10% of final sale price or $500, whichever is greater.
Owners will set their own asking price and give AMC their absolute bottom dollar to work with.  There are no additional or hidden charges or monthly fees.  AMC will contact owner with any/all offers that come in on their boat.  Owner has the right to accept/decline or counter all offers.
Today’s used boat market can be a congested and competitive market place. Without the right knowledge or know how, your boat could get lost in a vast sea of fiberglass and aluminum.  Here are a few useful tips to make sure that you get the most out of your boat. You want your boat to shine; you want your boat to stand out from the rest and appear to be the best value for the buyers' money.

 Clear it out! - Anything that is not going to be sold with your boat should be removed. You will want to show off your spacious stowage compartments and floor space, not showcase your hording addiction. Bag up your inflatable turtle, life rafts, and water noodles, throw away old bags of chips and empty beer cans. It is even a good idea to box up and set aside all the items that you are selling with the boat such as life jackets, fire extinguisher, skis, paddle/oars, and dock bumpers. 

 Make it sparkle! - Buyers can be very critical of even the oldest boats. A complete detail of the boat and trailer can go a long way to helping you reach your target selling price in a hurry. Consumers look at cleanliness as an indicator of how well the current owner has cared for the boat over time. Just as you would your vehicle, start with the basics; a clean and wax. A wipe down with straight 'white vinegar' can be very effective for removing water spots and bringing the shine back. Be sure to pay attention to the carpets, ski lockers and storage areas. These places can harbor grit, grime, stagnant water and nasty odors. Let the compartments dry out and sanitize them with bleach. Clean and condition the seats with a vinyl friendly product and then safeguard them with a UV protector such as '303 Protectant'.  

 Pass the buck! - If all that sounds like a lot of work, and it can be, don't stress or worry. AMC can help you. We have complete detailing packages, including a basic cleaning starting from $7 per foot. For those really crusty boats that need special attention, we offer acid wash, buffing and complete detailing for $18 per foot. 

 Offer protection! - No not the Soprano style protection. The kind of protection that builds value, creates reassurance, and confidence in your investment. If your boat is ten years old or newer it is still eligible for a transferrable extended warranty. Advertise this warranty and list it with the boat at an increased price. If the buyer opts for it then buy the warranty and transfer over to them.

Owner agrees to the terms and conditions of this contract.  Owner must present a CLEAR TITLE for proof of ownership at time of consignment.  Title(s) for boat and trailer will be held by AMC until sold or consignment terms expire.
COMMISSION/CONSIGNMENT FEES:  AMC charges a commission of 10% of the final agreed sale price or $500 whichever is greater.  Owner sets asking price of $____________ and requires the absolute bottom dollar of $____________.  Owner agrees to contract/consign with AMC for a minimum of 30 days.  If boat does not sell within contract period, all charges and fees must be paid in full before boat will be released.  
FUNDING/PAYMENT FOR SERVICES   When all proper title work & documentation has been completed, buyer will write a check for the agreed sale price to the seller.  AMC will hold this check until all charges and fees are paid by seller and file is closed.  AMC will then hand over the buyers check to the seller.
LIABILITY /INSURANCE Insurance is not required to consign with AMC.  We urge owners to maintain insurance on their boat until sale is complete.  Owner understands and agrees that AMC will not be held liable for any damages to boat including, but not limited to; fire, theft, natural disaster, vandalism, collision, acts of God or any type of property loss.
CONDITION/REPAIRS/ACCESSORIES/OTHER FEES Owner guarantees that consigned boat is clean, sound and in good running condition.  Must have at least 5 gallons fresh gas at time of consignment or AMC will charge a minimum of $50 for fuel and time.  If boat is not clean at time of consignment, there will be a minimum charge of $150 for detail & cleaning.   
Should repairs become necessary for AMC to make the sell, owner will be contacted for approval prior to repair.  If owner declines needed repairs, boat has to be picked up within 5 days and all incurred fees/repair charges, etc are to be paid in full, at time of pick up.  (example of miscellaneous repair charges but not limited to;  summarizing, winterizing, gas, batteries, impeller, gaskets, seals, carb kits, lights, trailer repairs, misc parts, plus labor)    
PICK UP FEES If owner picks up boat before contract ends a fee of $100 will be required at time of pick up.  Owner has 5 days after contract ends to pick up boat and will need to contact our office at 260-488-2900 in advance to schedule pick up.  All charges and fees must be paid in full before boat will be released.   
Signed this ______ day of _____________, 20 ___.     


Custom Installs
•Ballast Systems
•Wakeboard Towers
•Boarding Ladders
•Trim Tabs
•Boat Wraps & Lettering
•Perfect Pass
•Window Tinting

•Floors & Carpet
•Pontoon Fencing
•Bimini Tops

PWC Services
•Impeller Repair
•Pump Rebuilds
•Ignition Systems
•Fuel Systems
•Engine Rebuilds
•Hull Repair

Winterizing & Storage
•Pick up & Delivery
•Trailer Rental
•Shrink Wrapping
•Indoor & Outdoor Storage
•Battery Storage

Get what you need from those who know how to provide it. We are your Yamaha Outboard and Indmar Marine Motor Dealer.  Our professional Service Department offers a variety of exceptional services. Our Factory Trained and Certified Marine Technicians can do it all..  From the most basic repairs to tackling the most complex issues found on todays boats. Here is just a sample of services that we offer.

Engine & Drive Services                                                                                
•Electrical Systems
•Ignition Systems
•Fuel Systems
•Cooling Systems
•Engine Rebuilds
•Stern Drive Rebuilds
•Transmission Rebuilds
•Steering Systems
Prop Repair

Trailer Services
•Wheel Bearings
•Lighting & Wiring
•Bunk Replacement
•Bow Stops & Rollers
Trailer Jacks

Fiberglass Repair
•Fiberglass Boat & PWC repair
•Structural Repair
•Insurance Repairs
•Wet Sanding
•Sticker Replacement

Detailing Services
•Buffing / Waxing
•Acid Wash
•Pressure Washing
•Interior Detailing
•Carpet Cleaning